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Dr. Mehran Shafie's guest appearance on the program of the national television HRT1

dr. Mehran Shafie was a guest on national television on HRT's First Program in the program Dobro jutro, Hrvatska - topic: foreigners in Croatia. Dr. Mehran Shafie gave an overview of the current situation regarding classical and alternative medicine and its method of treating patients. Watch the entire interview directly on video:

What is cupping therapy for pain relief, which is also used by Luka Modrić?

Our football player Luka Modrić attracted a lot of public attention - more precisely, his back - after the match with France in Poljud. At the moment when the Croatian captain took off his shirt, many fans wondered why there were numerous large circles on his back.

It is about cupping, an alternative medicine therapy that is used to remove muscle pain, remove toxins from the body and tighten the skin with the help of so-called suction cups, i.e. vacuum cups. This traditional method of treatment appeared in India around 1600 BC. n. e., and its roots date back to 2600 BC. n. e. in China and Iran, the native country of Dr. Mehran Shafie, who founded the first cupping specialist in Croatia in 2018.

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Dr. Mehran Shafie founded the Cupping Center in Croatia

The ancient method of vacuum cups on the skin is part of alternative medicine, and it achieves deep relaxation of our tissue.

Football player Luka Modrić recently showed fat on his back, which many attributed to vacuum cup therapy. It is also called hijama or cupping, and it is a method that has been particularly popular among athletes in the last six years, since it was discovered that the best swimmer of all time, Michael Phelps, also uses it. Among the first to bring the method to Croatia was Dr. Mehran Shafie, who also founded the Cupping Center in Zagreb, and he is a traumatologist and orthopedist who devoted himself completely to cupping. - Cupping is actually an ancient treatment technique in which the therapist places special cups on the patient's skin, in precisely defined areas, which suck the skin with the help of a vacuum. In this way, the separation of the skin from the subcutaneous tissue is achieved and the blood supply to the skin and all subcutaneous structures under the cup is increased. After an exact degree of suction pressure and application duration, according to the patient's individual response, the vacuum is released, Dr. Shafie explains, adding that there are three techniques, namely dry, wet and sliding cupping. – The cups used are bell-shaped with a valve on top, on which air is sucked with the help of a pump. Throughout history, they used to use ordinary glasses, which were heated so that air would come out of them, this is called warm cupping. And even older historical remains testify that this procedure was carried out with the help of animal horns, which were applied to the skin, air was sucked through the hole at the top and then the hole was closed - Dr. Shafie explained. 

In sliding cupping, oils are used that are massaged into the skin, cups are placed on it, and as a rule, no hematomas or fat remain, as in other types of cupping. – This technique is particularly good for deep musculature relaxation and we use it to strengthen peripheral circulation, especially in people suffering from specific diseases that cause reduced blood flow in the peripheral system, such as diabetes and the like.

It is also great for athletes after a competition because it allows muscle tissue to relax. Dry and wet cupping are performed in a similar way, by placing the cups, and hematomas most often occur - says Dr. Shafie, emphasizing that wet cupping also carries a certain health risk if it is performed by someone who is not an expert. - It should be known that wet cupping affects blood flow in the body, so it should not be used on women who are menstruating because it can cause cycle disorders and increase bleeding. Furthermore, if not performed by an expert, it is possible to keep the cups on the skin for too long, which will cause blisters and skin damage that require additional treatment. Although it is considered an alternative method in the world, in Turkey wet cupping can only be performed by doctors of general medicine or with various specializations, while in the United Arab Emirates it is a part of classical medicine and therefore it can only be performed by doctors - pointed out dr. Shafie. 

Zagreb resident Goran Šimić (51), owner of a food supplement trading company, has been regularly attending dr. Shafie's treatments for years. He is convinced that cupping has helped him.