History of Cupping

Cupping is an ancient healing technique whose famous history dates back to 3300 BC. Initially developed in Macedonia, it reached the East via the Silk Road, where it has established itself in the treatment of many diseases and painful conditions. It was mentioned in historical documents in China and Iran around 2600 BC, and in India around 1600 BC. In China it started to be combined with acupuncture, and in Iran with traditional Persian medicine. In contact with Islam, it gained an additional dimension, as a method of effective prevention of illnesses, maintaining health and good mood when applied to healthy people. The Prophet Muhammad, s.a.v.s.( Peace be upon him), often underwent cupping and wholeheartedly recommended it.

Cupping technique

In the Cupping center, the cupping method is performed in three forms:

Dry cupping - is a modern approach to cupping in which the application of vacuum on a cup placed on a specific point of the skin achieves separation of the skin from the subcutaneous tissue and increases blood circulation to the skin and all subcutaneous structures under the cup. After a precise degree of suction pressure and duration of application, according to the individual patient's response, the vacuum is released.

Wet cupping - after achieving vacuum hyperemia on the skin, as in dry cupping, the cups are temporarily removed and a little bleeding is caused on the skin surface, so the suction pressure is set again. We do not apply skin incisions, but drip bleeding is caused by a few small stings with a very thin needle, similar to an acupuncture needle. This produces only a few drops of blood, which is released and comes to the surface of the skin. No scars remain after these stings.

Sliding cupping - conditionally speaking, is a subtype of massage. A larger area of ​​skin below which we want to cause intensification of blood flow, as well as some other metabolic effects is treated by sliding a special type of cup with vacuum ( silicone) over it.. The skin is lubricated with massage oil. This increases the microcirculation in the skin and subcutaneous tissue, and improves peripheral blood flow

What do we achieve with cupping?

By manipulating the skin, cupping elicits a reactive response from the brain, such as the secretion of endorphins (which act to relieve pain), enkephaline (which affects mood) and other neurotransmitters.

Modric took off his jersey and revealed that his back was full of circles

Our famous Croatian soccer player Luka Modrić uses the cupping method (hijjame).


Luka Modrić and Cupping

As the only doctor who practices cupping (Hijam therapy) and was among the first in Croatia to officially start practicing this technique, I am pleased that football player Luka Modrić followed in the footsteps of his famous fellow athletes, such as Michael Phelps, a swimmer who won as many as 25 Olympic medals. It is known that this method quickly removes pain, relaxes muscles and increases circulation, which is very important for athletes. They are, especially during the competition, exposed to great physical and mental effort, which, in combination with massage, is best removed by the cupping method, using vacuum cups (suction cups), which are placed on painful areas. Suction of air from the cups creates a vacuum that lifts the subcutaneous tissue, there is an instantaneous blood flow and circulation that breaks down painful stubborn accumulations of lactic acid and removes toxins. The oldest archeological finds related to cupping were discovered in Macedonia and, presumably, reached the east via Silk Road, all the way to China, where the method is combined with acupuncture. Also, "cups for treatment" were found in the Dalmatian hinterland, which indicates that this method has long been present in our region. Today, cupping is most commonly recognized as an ancient Chinese method, although it has long been very popular in the East, whose physicians have greatly improved it. Cupping is very popular all over the world today because it provides a lot of benefits in a natural way, without drugs. In addition to relieving pain, athletes use this method to improve concentration, achieve better results, endurance and improve physical conndition. Also, today these treatments are very popular for eliminating pain in the locomotor system, headaches and migraines, to enhance peripheral blood flow, mental relaxation, increase life energy, reduce depression and many other purposes. In Egypt, 400 doctors practice this method. They have developed a special cupping method to treat rheumatoid arthritis. Pakistan is trying to treat psoriasis. In the United Kingdom, the Ministry of Health recommends that the so-called "wet cupping" be performed in the first days after a stroke in order to recover as quickly as possible. In Iran, on the other hand, it is used for a wide range of diseases, from treating autoimmune diseases and regulating blood pressure to infertility. It is important to point out that in all these countries only doctors are allowed to do cupping therapy. As far as athletes are concerned, the Americans and the Chinese are in the lead, but these fantastic results with cupping treatment result in this method becoming more and more popular and sought after all over the world. It is successful as an anti-stress therapy. Artists, musicians, actors and others use it to remove stage fright, and managers use dry cupping once a week to relieve accumulated stress during the week before the weekend. There are also analyzes that show that cupping therapy is excellent as an additional method for faster and better treatment of addiction. Many studies are underway regarding the effects of cupping on pain, blood circulation and mental health. It has been confirmed that cupping has an effect on the secretion of some neurotransmitters, such as endorphins (which explain the effect on pain), enkephalin (mood)… Therefore, I once again congratulate and welcome the courage and wisdom of our top athlete Luka Modrić, who recognized all the advantages of this method. I hope that this will also contribute to ordinary people and official medicine recognizing the benefits of cupping.

American swimmer, winner of numerous gold medals, world record holder and Olympic winner Michael Phelps is one of the great proponents of cupping therapy. Many people noticed purple circles on his shoulders and back during the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro,. Michael Phelps regularly uses this ancient healing technique to help him relieve pain and more easily master the strenuous workouts he practices as a top athlete.

Actor Samuel L. Jackson became acquainted with cupping back in 2015 and is one in a series of celebrities who regularly use this ancient healing technique.

Cupping therapy - a part of the lifestyle of celebrities

American actress Gwyneth Paltrow writes about her experience and the healing power of cupping therapy on her website goop.

American swimmers, including silver medalist Chase Kalisz and bronze medalist Dana Vollmer, often undergo cupping treatments.

The benefits and values ​​of cupping therapy treatment have often been used by the famous Hollywood actress Jennifer Aniston.

Actor Samuel L. Jackson became acquainted with cupping back in 2015 and is one in a series of celebrities who regularly use this ancient healing technique.

CUPPING for a modern lifestyle

Areas of application and impact of cupping on the body
Impact of cupping on general health

Cupping activates and strengthens the immune system. In China and Iran, it is used every three months as a regular treatment to prevent diseases. It is believed to help with seasonal illnesses because it boosts the body's defense system, speeds up the immune system and other organ systems.

Effect on other diseases and painful conditions

The most important advantage of cupping is achieving a therapeutic effect without the use of any drugs, which is extremely important for patients taking several types of drugs with very pronounced side effects.

Pain in the musculoskeletal system

Cupping has a beneficial effect on pain in the musculoskeletal system. The body's own defense system which the body excretes in the preparation for injury act locally on the consequences of the disease so that the ailments are reduced. The duration of this effect is transient and very individual.

Effects on skin and subcutaneous fat

Wet cupping helps with acne, even tough ones, on the face and back. By applying dry and sliding cupping in combination, facial skin is stimulated to produce collagen, which makes it more elastic and rejuvenates the face.

Influence of cupping on one's mood

Due to the various substances that the body secretes in anticipation of serious stress from injury, cupping has a very anxiolytic effect and reduces tension, stress and anxiety. Therefore, in the West, among famous musicians and actors, it is accepted as an anti-stress technique.

Application in top athletes

The tradition of applying cupping in sports in the East has existed since ancient times. Wet cupping is done before the competition. At the end of the competition, sliding cupping is applied, which helps deep relaxation of tense muscles and removes accumulated acidic metabolites by improving circulation

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Experiences of our clients

Our clients were happy to share their stories and describe their own experiences with cupping treatments which, they say, relieved their pain and really changed their lives.
I felt pain in my lower back for a long time. With the very first treatment with wet cupping, the pain was reduced by about 60 percent, and after a few dry treatments it completely disappeared. Dr Mehran has not used any medication and the results are excellent. I am grateful for the help and I would recommend this experience to everyone.
Zoran Vučan (42), Zapresic
I had a severe knee injury, I was limping and feeling pain. After only three treatments with Dr Mehran, my knee was better and I had no difficulty walking. With further treatments, it also rreduced the difficulties I had with my shoulders, which are now relaxed, there is no more pain or strain. Thank you very much Dr. Mehran!
Goran Šimić (50), Zagreb
For 15 years I had been suffering from chronic lower back pain which made it impossible for me to lead a normal life.. After the first wet cupping therapy, I immediately felt better, the pain disappeared. Every 3 months I underwent dry therapies to maintain results and back pain. This really changed my life.
Onaheed Ahmed (53), London

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